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Almar Jesolo Shop

Creativity, Passion, Quality, Wellness and Responsibility are the values that, from the very beginning, have distinguished Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa, a 5-star resort in Lido di Jesolo. After becoming an icon and a reference point for exclusive stays and wellness programs, Almar continues to expand with the launch of several new products geared toward an international market.

The service excellence and savoir faire acquired - together with the ongoing urge to create something unique - has led us to the creation of an e-shop to promote the exclusive products of the Almar cosmetic lines.

A tribute to wellness and good living, in harmony with nature and with oneself, the Almar Jesolo Shop boasts colors, aromas, flavors and sensations that tell a unique story.
There are five cosmetic lines - Almar, Almablu, Mediterra, LigthBlue Bar and the The River Lounge Bar - each with a distinctive style and personality, all sharing the same values and quality guaranteed by Almar through a meticulous control process performed during all stages of production.

The desire to offer an unforgettable experience, the attention to detail and the love we put in designing our product lines, in collaboration with the industry experts and the most prestigious companies in this field, represent the true treasure that we bestow upon all those who wish to try one or more of our products.